Owned and operated by Scott Sutphen, the Malibu Shaman has been in business in Malibu California since 1983

Malibu Shaman Hours Monday-Saturday 11AM - 6PM / Sunday 12PM - 6PM

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Malibu Shaman's Staff

Please call  (310) 456-5617
Sunday           12PM - 6PM
Saturday         11AM - 6PM
Monday-Friday 11AM - 6PM

Meet our Sales Staff:

Left: Scott Sutphen, owner and operator of the Malibu Shaman, a metaphysical bookstore
since the early 80's. Scott is an expert in his own right in metaphysics. Scott is respected by collectors for his keen eye for "one-of-a-kind" art pieces and crystals. His knowledge of crystals guides customers to that special piece.  Scott is also an avid collector and connoisseur of music, New Age and otherwise. Anyone who has visited Scott knows of his love of music and that his knowledge of artists spans for decades. Scott's favorite art pieces are wood carvings of Buddha, Kuan Yin, Dragons, Thankgas, and other unique pieces amongst his finds from Asia. Always on top of the metaphysics books and new authors, you will find an excellent selection of titles and subjects to choose from. 

Come in and have a great conversation with Scott as you browse for your new metaphysical tools!

Right: Cathy Crystal's talents as a metaphysician since childhood brings her diversified experience to the Malibu Shaman. Stop by and visit her  for creative conversations on all the products!  Lus us talk about all kinds of divination, crystals, books, music and when you pick out a crystal, Cathy can make jewelry for you with a special order and design.  Her intuitive gifts of tuning into all kinds of spiritual teachings will help you use new divination tools for you new life awakenings.
It is just great to be able to help with the Malibu Shaman e-newsletter.  Scott is truly having some kicks sharing via technology and extending his tools of the Universe with so many people that have come by the store for the past 31 years.  Personally, I would love feedback as to topics of interest and items that you may like to see in the upcoming e-newsletters.  Feel free to e-mail these to Cathy@CathyCrystal.com  I am looking forward to seeing you all at the Malibu Shaman on days that I am a salesperson or when I am in the Psychic Reading room or just hanging out.
Peace, Love, and Happiness,
Cathy Crystal
Malibu Shaman Psychic

To meet our Psychics and schedule in person or telephone readings, Go to the Psychic Readers Page to view the Psychics that are available to read for you.                                            

Call (310) 456-5617 for Appointments or Come into the Store at Cross Creek Shopping Center.  Appointments cannot be made via this website.                                                                 

Right: Trina is truly a crystal enthusiast and crystal healer. Stop by and talk to Trina about crystals and all of the available products. Her healing energy will help you draw your personality to the crystals that are looking for a new home. Her guidance with the books and music will encourage your path of spiritual awakening.
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